Lītigāre’s 3 Key Differences

Our 93% record of success and in-depth consulting style sets us apart from our competition.



Along with our extensive expertise in multiple forms of trial consulting Lītigāre specializes in 3 key areas that set us apart from our competition. They are:

                                             a).      Psychological Profiling  

                                             b).      The Psychological Trial

                                             c).      Real-Time Trial Support


A.     The Psychological Profile – Lītigāre consultants are accomplished treating professionals in clinical psychology. We use this talent to cultivate psychological profiles on judges, opposing counsel, expert witnesses, and others.

  • The results you receive from this highly sought after service includes structuring your case strategy based upon deeper insights into the minds and personalities of your opposition, judge, and jury. For example:
    • In one medical malpractice case, Lītigāre’s psychological profile of a key witness enabled the trial team to expose a frivolous defense. Through specifically designed techniques based on the witness’s psychological profile the lead trial lawyer gave the jury a clear window into that witness’s personality. The jury award for that case was a state record that still stands today.
    • In slip and fall case against a major retail chain, Lītigāre’s profile of opposing counsel enabled us to create a series of pit falls causing counsel to decompensate. The effect was so great the jury indicated post trial that they lost all respect for that counsel. The jury award was over 1 million dollars for a client with $175,000 in damages. The original offer from opposing counsel was $15,000.    


B.     The Psychological Trial - The cold, hard fact is that any single technique or bit of knowledge about the brain does not create the trial’s winning structure. It is the interweaving of multiple techniques derived from evidence-based research that supports a winning trial. Focusing on how psychology influences the overall trial versus utilizing the “technique grab bag” is what wins trials and increases recoveries.  This later fact is what we refer to as the psychological trial.

With this in mind, Lītigāre has aggregated extensive evidence-based research including but not limited to sociology, education, persuasion, advertising, and psychology. We use relevant research like this to create trial specific techniques and strategies that strengthen the overall themes and critical elements needed for trial/settlement.  

Our 93% success rate is possible because of the psychological trial. This is why top national trial lawyers partner with Lītigāre to create the psychological trial.

  • The result of this partnership is a tightly interwoven series of research-based techniques that influence the jury, control the trial, and increase recoveries.


C.     Real-Time Trial Support – Since we offer such specialized techniques like profiling and the psychological trial we also engage in real-time trial support. Real-Time Trial Support is the minuet to minuet monitoring of how our case is progressing with the Judge and/or jury. The results of this support include:

  • Continual feedback each day of trial through daily written reports and consultation. With this system, we can adjust trial strategy as necessary in real time.
  • The trial team also receives mini-psychological profiles on each juror to refine information delivery on a group and individual basis.