8 Hour Case Conceptualization


Lītigāre’s 8 Hour Case Conceptualization was created in response to our clients’ requests for specific evidence-based techniques for settlement, mediation, when the ad danum was low, and when the trial team decided that limited trial consulting services were required.  As our clients will attest, the 8 Hour Case Conceptualization provides their teams with trial proven sociological, psychological, and persuasion techniques resulting in effective settlements, mediation and trial strategies


There is a time and place for every technique.  While other consulting firms offer limited strategies and services by marketing a specific “boiler plate” technique we understand that every case is different.  So, we rely upon evidence-based research to formulate case specific strategies and techniques. 

The following material details just some of the techniques and services that our clients have requested and gained from this investment.

Psychological Profiling of Opposing Counsel, Judge, and Defendant

  • Our clients that utilize this technique understand the power of knowing the personality of the defendant, judge, and opposing counsel.  This technique is trial tested and has assisted our clients with jury verdicts and settlements totaling $39.765 million dollars.

Focus Group Data Review

  • As trained researchers, Lītigāre staff has the practical research experience to analytically review your focus group data. From those results we furnish psychologically based tactics and techniques for your case. 

Jury Profile

  • Our Jury Profile is molded to the needs of the trial team and we deliver an in-depth analysis of the jury in a way only a psychologist can provide.  Lītigāre has successfully profiled juries through focus groups, during voir dire and while attending trial.  Our most common request is to create multiple ‘snap shots’ of the jury during different stages of trial. 

Voir Dire

  • Lītigāre has extensive case experience with creating psychologically based voir dire strategies for both criminal and civil juries.  This is one of our favorite areas and we deliver trial proven techniques to capture and anchor the jury. Lītigāre also employs our proprietary techniques when evaluating potential jurors.


  • As trial lawyers and psychologists understand, we are always practicing and evolving our skills.  Lītigāre has had the distinct pleasure of working with trial lawyers on psychodrama techniques. 

Visual Imagery and your Client’s Story

  • Lītigāre provides a unique technique of group and individual interviews with focus group participants to uncover the visual story they create in reaction to your case.  This has proven to be a highly effective technique to strategize how your evidence is interpreted, creating effective demonstratives as social cues, developing anchoring points, and matching the norms used by the jury.  

Social Cues through Linguistics

  • As with any powerful story, the juror needs strategically placed linguistic cues to remind them of the anchoring points in your case.  We work diligently with trial teams to develop powerful linguistic cues to remind juries of the social norms necessary to resolve the moral conflict.  


  • With our legal advisers and psychological expertise we furnish trial and research proven solutions.  We also work with trial teams to set landmines and pit falls for opposing counsel.  Our success with this technique is extensive.   

Demonstrative Evidence Review

  • As trial becomes imminent, Lītigāre consultants offer feedback guided by evidence-based research and focus groups analysis.  We also provide support with creating evidence-based PowerPoint presentations for openings and closings.


If you have any questions concerning the 8 Hour Case Conceptualization or require more information about Lītigāre please feel free to contact us:

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