When the occasion arises for Lītigāre to agree to use an alternative fee structure, our model supports and fortifies your ethical requirements.

Some internet responses and postings from our competitors and others have emerged from our willingness to engage in this occasional fee structure. These comments fail to accurately, honestly and clearly describe this alternative option and they do not provide a clear analysis of the ethical rulings from across the country. The cold hard facts are this…

Bar Association Ethics Committees like American Bar Association, California State Bar, Georgia State Bar, District of Columbia and others have ruled to allow contingency fee, modified-contingency fee and shared-risk bonus payment structures; when the following requirements are met:

      i.           A prohibition on sharing of legal fees with a lay person;

      ii.          The consulting firm will not practice law;

     iii.          The consulting firm does not affect the reasonableness of attorney fees;

     iv.          The consulting firm will not provide expert testimony or recommend the content of testimony;

      v.          The consulting firm does not take a percentage of the recovery or settlement;

     vi.          The consulting firm contracts directly with the client;

    vii.          The consulting firm does not impede the attorney’s independent professional judgment;


We have outlined ethic committee rulings in different states and provided clear examples of how we are in compliance with varying states ethical rulings. For more information click the links below:

 If you do not see your state listed please contact us today.