Contingency Agreements Formal Opinion NO. 1984-79

"Members of the State Bar have a professional responsibility to see that contingent fees are not paid for the testimony of witnesses, that the member is not aiding the unauthorized practice of law, and that legal fees are not shared with a lay person. In addition, members must exercise control over and responsibility for the conduct of their cases, must maintain an absolute duty of loyalty to their clients, and must avoid illegal running and capping. Within the foregoing constraints, a member of the State Bar may continue his or her professional activities on behalf of a client who has entered into such a contract." (bold and italics added)

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Lītigāre is in compliance with Formal Opinion NO. 1984-79.

1. Our reasonable fee is a pre-arranged flat fee with you and your client’s input, understanding, and acceptance. We clearly delineate that the client, not the attorney is responsible for our fees. This fee structure is never tied to the dollar amount of the settlement amount or award.

2. Lītigāre does not offer testimony and we are not expert witnesses, nor do we recommend expert witnesses or prepare the content of expert testimony. 

3. Lītigāre consultants are advisers who partner with trial lawyers to create psychological strategies for trial. We advise in matters that are tangential to the case and do not venture into the subject matter of any case.

4. Our structure fortifies your exercise of independent professional judgment.