Dr. Peter J. Weinberg is the Principal Consultant and Owner of Lītigāre, a litigation consulting firm. Peter has accepted requests from leading trial lawyers across the nation to refocus, refine, and reconceptualize litigation strategy. He has worked with legal teams tackling a variety of litigation issues.  His research-based trial strategies emerge from a legal and psychological critical diagnostic that identifies the key elements necessary for trial or settlement.

Dr. Weinberg holds over 20 years of experience as a treating professional in psychology; he also conducts research on jury decision making. He has developed and directed mental health programs in Vermont, Connecticut, and Colorado. Governor Bill Ritter, Jr. recognized his leadership and reputation with creating and implementing effective strategies and appointed him to the Colorado Autism Commission. Along with his work, from time to time, with the Colorado Legislature on mental health issues, Dr. Weinberg also sits on the Advisory Board for PsychoLAWgy. This organization brings the power of psychological techniques to settlements and litigation in the Latin American court system.

In conjunction with his litigation consulting practice, Dr. Weinberg works with the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology where he instructs a course on Litigation Strategy. This is the only course like this in the United States. Furthermore, Dr. Weinberg, through his legal and psychological diagnostic has forged the path on how to present Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a physical injury. Throughout his career Dr. Weinberg has presented and instructed CLE’s on several litigation topics.

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