The Team

Lītigāre is comprised of veteran psychological and legal experts.

Our principal consultant Dr. Peter J. Weinberg is a psychological expert with extensive knowledge and understanding of the Behavioral Sciences. Peter has been called upon by top trial lawyers nationally to provide his knowledge and skills for a wide variety of civil and criminal matters. In the civil arena, Lītigāre’s trial strategies have assisted in:

  • Recovering $44,740,975.

  • Lītigāre has also assisted in complex business litigation that have saved millions of dollars for our clients.

  • In one case alone, we assisted in staving a multi-million dollar verdict through our specialized understanding of human behavior.

Some key components to these victories include:

  • Psychological Profiles of Judges, Opposing Counsel, and Research-based Voir Dire techniques

  • Focus Groups/Mock Trials for Trial Strategy

  • Real Time Trial Support with Jury Personality Analysis

As Lītigāre's lead consultant, Peter has presented at a series of local and national conferences on:

  • The psychology of Jury and Trial Consulting,

  • The use of Visual Imagery in Storytelling, and

  • The Most Current Research for Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentation in Trial.

Peter has also accepted invitations from some of the nation’s leading law firms for internal litigation training. 

The University of Colorado’s National Center for Media Forensics (NCMF) invited Lītigāre to consult on the development and implementation of their mock trial and expert witness training programs. Lītigāre consults with NCMF regularly on expert witness training and curriculum. The University of Denver (DU) has also invited Peter to teach a course in Trial Consulting along with offering training for expert witnesses and training trail lawyers on a variety of trial techniques.  

On a personal note, Peter continues his work in psychology by consulting on mental health issues as they relate to litigation. Peter's work on the Psychology of Law lead to his appointment to the Colorado Autism Commission by Governor Bill Ritter Jr. During his tenure as a Commissioner, Peter worked with the legal and mental health community to develop Colorado's 10 year strategic plan on Autism.

Please feel free to download Dr. Weinberg's CV


This video was developed using the most current educational and psychological research related to PowerPoint presentations. Using this format to set a jury with a story is highly effective and research-proven. Feel free to contact us for further information on how you can add this proven technique into your arsenal.