This page provides an overview of the most frequently asked questions. If you do not see your question here or require further information do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

When to Hire a Trial Consultant?

Not matter the complexity or size of the case, a Lītigāre Litigation Consultant provides you with vital strategic information. When the case has a small settlement demand or the ad damnum is low, we utilize the highly effective technique of the Small Case Conceptualization Model. This document reveals indispensable information to fortify and strengthen your case.

What are your fees?

Every case is different and our fee structures are negotiated for each case with you and your client.

Lītigāre offers our services on a either a flat fee or hourly rate.

Can I use a Trial Consultant on a Shared Risk Fee Structure?

Yes. Each state bar ethics committee has separate rules and Lītigāre has evaluated many of these decisions. Lītigāre’s fee structure supports your ethical requirements. Please see Fee Structure for further details.

What does the Complete Consultant Mean?

Lītigāre's focus is on the trial and not on the fees we charge. We take this stance because trials are won by a successful integration of multiple trial techniques. This cannot be achieved when the trial consultant's primary requirement is their fee, which then dictates what they provide to the trial lawyer. A trial consultant should never weaken a case. This is why we negotiate every flat fee or hourly rate we charge. Our primary focus is providing all of the necessary techniques for a winning trial. A consultant who does that is the complete consultant.




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