Fee Structure


Lītigāre utilizes all the assets necessary to support a winning trial; we are also well aware of the resources needed to generate that win. Based on these facts we offer our services on either a flat fee or hourly rate.

 The majority of our clients choose the flat fee to maximize services and trial budget because they combine services like:

  •  Trial Strategy;
  •  Focus Group Facilitation & Findings Analysis;
  •  Psychological Profiling of Opposition & Judge;
  •  Jury Selection; and
  •  Real-time Trial Support

 Structure 1 - Hourly

  • Please contact us for hourly rate;
  • In this arrangement invoices are sent in monthly and payment is due 30 days after each invoice.

Structure 2 - Flat Fee

  • Flat fee rates are negotiated per case;
  • The flat fee is the better value because you get all the hours you need without straining trial budget;
  • In a flat fee agreement, $6,000.00 is due 30 days after hire and no other billing occurs until the case is settled or we win in trial.  
  • In the event of a win/settlement a single invoice for the balance of the flat fee is due within 30 days of invoice submission.
  • In the event of a loss the balance of the flat fee is waived; the dismissal of a fee should not be construed as any form of fee splitting or represent any type of contingency agreement. We believe so greatly in our expertise that if the case is lost, we do not believe we should be paid the balance of the flat fee.
  • The $6000.00 is non-refundable in the event of a loss.
  • In the event of a settlement prior to or during trial Lītigāre is willing to explore a reduction of the flat fee. This is done to support your client to maximize their recovery.


  • There are times when our clients ask us to garner participants for focus groups/mock trial and secure a venue. We are happy to do this and can show you the costs upon request.
  • In this scenario we will submit an invoice for the focus group/mock trial cost which is due within 14 days from the date of invoice.

From time to time and in order to level the playing field Lītigāre has offered alternative  fee structures to ensure that the trial lawyer’s client(s) receive the same high quality trial consulting services utilized by the opposition with extensive capital. 

 If the occasion arises for Lītigāre to enter into an alternative fee structure that is allowed by a State Bar Association we do so with a clear understanding of the ethical requirements of your state.

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