State Disciplinary Board Advisory Opinion 48 (July 26, 1985)

Lītigāre's fee structure is in compliance with Georgia Bar Advisory Opinion 48

"With certain inapplicable exceptions, Standard 26 prohibits a lawyer from sharing legal fees with a non-lawyer. In this case, however, the contract does not split attorney fees with the organization since it is the client that contracts with the organization to pay a specific share of the client's recovery to the organization in exchange for its services. The attorney is obligated only to guarantee the client's reimbursement of expenses advanced by the organization and, where appropriate, the payment of the consulting service's share of any recovery. Fees charged by the attorney, however, should be computed and paid without reduction by the fee paid to the consulting service. Otherwise, the contract becomes a mere subterfuge for fee splitting between the attorney and a lay organization. Provided the attorney insures the client is fully advised of these consequences of the contract and the client freely agrees to be so bound, there appears to be no fee splitting involved in the proposed arrangement."

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1. Our reasonable fee is a pre-arranged flat fee with you and your client’s input, understanding, and acceptance. We clearly delineate that the client, not the attorney is responsible for our fees.