Our Psychological Strategies Promote Seeking Justice

There are occasions when City, State, and the Federal governments require the services of a trial consultant. When this valuable need occurs, our clients choose Lītigāre for our skill and the multitude of specialized services we offer. We have a solid reputation for persuasive, effective messages and trial strategies that capture the jury and instill in them the confidence that they seek from government trial lawyers. Our skills and proven successes in trial and settlement come from our profound understanding of how to apply psychology to litigation. Our insight into the hearts and minds of the jury is just one example.  

Our successes come, in part, from our keen understanding and psychological profile of opposing counsel, the judge, all parties involved and the jury. One key component for our trial techniques and strategies comes from our extensive interviews with jurors and an in-depth profound understanding of research-based peer-reviewed literature. Our expertise and knowledge has uncovered certain “across-the-board” assumptions related directly to government trial lawyers. We found that jurors perceive government trial lawyers as the public face or official advocating for the agency in question. They view the government litigator through three fold process:


(a) how a government should act;

(b) how a trial lawyer should act, and

(c) common sense and a normative structure related to their community.


We wish it was just as simple as these three foundational views. There are many more perceptions, attitudes and biases that jurors bring into the courtroom that a government litigator will face. Below are just a few of the more common positive and negative biases we have uncovered for criminal and civil cases:


The Positive:  

1.      Jurors look to the government litigator for assistance on how to do their job; they want clarity and direction about the evidence and the law.

2.      The government trial lawyer is the one who is seeking justice or bringing out the truth

3.      Jurors respect the trail lawyer who plays to win

4.      In civil defense cases, the government agency should fairly compensate just claims and vigorously defend unjust claims

5.      The trial lawyer(s) advocating for the government should promote the administration of justice

The Negative:

1.      Do not waste tax payer money by hiding behind “legal ease” and hide the truth through “smoke and mirrors”.

2.      The government trial lawyer must show extra ordinary and exceptional performance as prosecutor, representing a plaintiff, or as a defender. This level of expectation can often push the civil case into the realm of beyond a reasonable doubt.

3.      The performance, quality, and demeanor of the government’s legal team are a direct reflection on the performance, quality and demeanor of the represented government organization.

4.      Where there is a claim, there is blame; the government is using tax dollars to hide the truth about their bad actions.


There is a high price to pay when these norms are not incorporated into trial strategy.  

Our Services

Lītigāre offers a variety of services for effective and powerful trial strategies for the government’s trial team. Our more popular and well used services include:


Lītigāre realizes the strict financial constraints related to trial consulting services with government clients and we work with the procurement office to meet those guidelines. For example, Lītigāre is known for offering 3%, 5%, or 10%, 30 net 90. We continually work with the procurement office to design a system that is beneficial to all parties while respecting financial constraints.    

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