Jury Selection

Lītigāre understands the importance and necessity of specialized psychological techniques during voir dire. Our consultants create unique techniques tailored to the psychological underpinnings of each case. This is a more accurate and reliable way to control for the multiple personality variances in any jury. Lītigāre’s voir dire techniques set the jury for case theme and creates the foundation for the hero versus villain drama.

We also employ a proprietary jury analysis system during voir dire that identifies hidden biases and a leaning toward opposing views. This technique is grounded in extensive evidence-based legal and psychological researchLītigāre's jury analysis system maintains a 96% success rate in trial. 

During our real time trial support, Lītigāre constructs mini-psychological profiles of each juror which further assists the presentation of evidence in a manner that the jurors will understand and remember. These profiles have proven invaluable during complex or difficult litigation.