Change Blindness A Scary Truth

An article was recently published on the Gizmodo website describing a research study which indicated that 83% of radiologist failed to identify an anomaly on a radiological exam leaving only 17% that were able to notice the anomaly. This research was exploring the psychological concept of change blindness. This and other research has shown that when the mind narrows on certain variables only the most obvious elements are ignored and missed.  

This prompted Lītigāre to dedicate its most recent journal article to identify some of the themes and techniques that change blindness affords the trial lawyer. The link below will take you to a discussion we recently had with a trial lawyer who is working on a medical malpractice case. The lawyer and client’s names were changed because this is an actual case.  We have also provided a series of links for you to utilize to familiarize yourself further with change blindness and its role in trial.

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